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My name is Stratas, my sister ss_dragon_lady and I own, and have more or less ran this site for over 9 years now. If you have any fan fictions or arts that needs a home, we'd be more than happy to host them. Just click on submit a fiction or art to the right and fill out the form. Thanks for Visiting our new/old site. ^.^


-- 06/04/2013 Posted by Stratas: Hello!! Well if you have visited the site over the last few days you would have noticed a lot of problems. One of them being that the site's cms, concrete went boom. After some digging around I found all of my old files... and so I decided to stop messing around with other programs and go back to simple coding myself. So here it is. The way Eternity of Dreams is supposed to look. None of the links actually work yet but more updates should be coming soon.